What should the realtor do? A painful but practical political parody

Found widely on every social media platform — for good reason?

Thus, my question to you, my readers: What should the realtor do in this case?

What should the realtor do now?

Should they give the tenant an extension of his lease? Is it OK to penalize and jeopardize the safety and future of the upstairs, downstairs and neighborhood people by believing their current actions justify the means of economic gain (that the realtor is most likely reaping from?)? Is it morally acceptable to look the other way, pretending that the supposed good they’re doing while living in the house is worth the risk? Should they continue trying to justify their past mistake(s) by creating incredibly incoherent excuses of how their calling is in real estate and helping people find a home, and not dealing with the subsequent sequelae of their actions, or the actions of the tenant? Should they be allowed to extend the rental agreement another, say, four years because in their mind the meth addict is not ‘hurting anyone’ even if they might be hurting themself?



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Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)

Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)


Neuroscientist, chronic pain specialist, mental/physical resiliency training professional, ultramarathoner & triathlete, philosopher, theosopher and chocoholic.