Reflections from the yoga mat (#1)

Personal musings from an ultramarathoning, Ironman triathlete who is also a 20+ year yoga practitioner..

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” The Bhagavad Gita

This will be a series of reflections that began back in October 2013. A dear friend of mine, Jen Minotti, whom I’d met during the Certification in Positive Psychology (CiPP) program at the amazing Kripalu retreat center in western Massachusetts, approached me after reading about my mental and physical resiliency training program I’d developed. Specifically she was looking to challenge herself in ways that would elevate her life in ways she’d not been able to in the past. She settled on trying to accomplish 365 consecutive days of 1-hour yoga practices — no small feat yet one I wholeheartedly supported. For sure, as I agreed I’d attempt the challenge with her.

We agreed to journal our experiences — capturing and sharing our thoughts, feelings, emotions, insights, frustrations, hardships, etc. with each other, providing not just support but possible prompts for us to consider as we brought ourselves to our mats the following day.

I’ll not attempt to share ALL of the reflections that happened along the way, but to share the ones that truly surprised me and changed the trajectory of my life. I hope you enjoy reading them and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts — please respond as you’re called.

Namaste my new-found Medium friends. The light in me honors the light in you.

Daily Reflection:

From “The Way Is Within” by Ron Rathbun.

So often we live our life as if the point is the end game — the finish line. ‘Behaving’ enough to be allowed into some form of heaven.

When we view our life as an embodiment of the divine, and ourselves as perfectly created, we begin to fully understand that heaven is within us, as it is within everything.



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Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)

Neuroscientist, chronic pain specialist, mental/physical resiliency training professional, ultramarathoner & triathlete, philosopher, theosopher and chocoholic.