Harriet Hageman’s Hypocrisy: A warning for Wyoming (and the world)

Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)
5 min readFeb 25, 2022


Pretext: My body may currently be elsewhere in the world, but my heart will forever be roaming amidst the mountains of my home state. Regardless of what happens, Wyoming, I want you to know:

Taken by the author, Aspen Alley, south of Rawlins, WY

The following are two emails already sent, and another one needing to be, from me to Harriet Hageman, a Trump-backed (supposedly) Republican contender for the US Congress in 2022.

Please don’t trust me about what follows — check out the information for yourself. Please don’t leave any hateful message here for me, too, because it is my right to ask for clarification just as it is yours to ask her or any other candidate to clarify their own views. To make it easy, here is her website: https://www.hagemanforwyoming.com/home

I sent the following email on February 3rd to info@hagemanforwyoming.com — it has yet to be answered:

Having lived most of my life in Wyoming and poised to cast my ballot in the fall, I am curious if you can please clarify your political views.

I am looking forward to casting my vote to a worthy candidate.

I read words directly from your website that sound appealing and noble, but your own words and actions, and the support from one person in particular that you are proud of, speak differently.

In your own words: “I am a deep-rooted Wyomingite. Raised on a ranch near Fort Laramie, I grew up understanding the value of hard work, integrity, self-sufficiency, and honesty.”

I am glad to see issues like “protecting our constitution” and “election integrity” and “demanding transparency in government” are amongst your top ones.

Fantastic sounding and certainly reminiscent of the approaches I watched growing up by people like Alan Simpson, Dick Cheney and others. Politicians I have been fortunate to meet.

Specific to my confusion, however, is how your claims of integrity and honesty align with your supporting and receiving support from former president Donald Trump. He exemplifies breaks of integrity and is just about as far from honest as anyone person could ever be. His own campaign in 2015 where he self-professed to be a sexual predator (“You can gab them by the p*ssy…”) I suppose fits in with ‘self-sufficiency,’ but the rest of his campaign, his tenure as president (viciously attacking, bullying and belittling countless people along the way) and now claiming that he will pardon the insurrectionists from the January 6th assault on democracy shows him to be an egregious and heinous example of a leader.

Protecting our constitution means fully prosecuting all those involved in the insurrection — including all the politicians and public participating? What about former president Trump’s involvement? Jim Jordan’s? And others?

Transparency in government means we should all have full access to the records compiled (and nearly destroyed) during the past 4 years? Should the insurrectionist planners and executors not be required to fully disclose their intentions and actions?

And election integrity investigations have concluded — based on the over 60 court cases that were dismissed — that the most recent elections were fair and free. Something we need to admit — and continue adhering to, not allowing voting rights and processes to become shrouded like many Republican-led state legislatures are doing?

Many parts of the story do not match in my mind and I’d love to hear how you match them up in yours. If anything, your aligning with him suggests you adhere to his values and so-called leadership approach?

Thank you in advance for your response. If you can show me how your claims of integrity and honesty are showing up in your political life, I will cast my vote for you. If not, I’d hope you’d do the “Wyoming thing” and let someone with those qualities do the leading.

Gary Redfeather


Having not received any reply, but having a bit more clarity of Trump’s opinion on a very important topic, I decided to try again:

I sent the following email on February 6th to info@hagemanforwyoming.com — this, too, has yet to be answered:

Hello again,

I await your responses to my questions as I have shared this correspondence with all my family and friends in Wyoming. Each share an interest in your answers to decide if you represent what we do.

Silence is not really an endearing quality and only suggests a different agenda that can be clarified.

One note I received was stating more explicitly that my using Former President Trump’s own words when admitting he was a sexual predator was to illustrate that I (and my network) do not believe this type of banter becoming of any leader, let alone being condoned as ‘locker room talk’ as others have stated.

We are interested in your thoughts about what is fitting communication styles for a leader and if bullying, misrepresenting facts, and name-calling are blow any public office?

Again, thank you in advance for your clarifications,


Sadly, I, and Wyoming voters, remain in the dark on the previous issues. More importantly, even more profound issues have now arisen:

First — It is absolutely clear Trump has destroyed and/or carted off confidential document during his Presidency or during his exodus from the White House, in clear violation of public law, something he spoke openly about when accusing Hillary Clinton of potential transgressions in the past:

Second — Trump has openly condoned and praised Putin’s recent invasion of Ukraine in direct violation of numerous international laws and peace agreements:

I would appreciate hearing how Harriet Hageman justifies the wanton and malicious disregard for the law can be allowed. And how these actions fit in with her self-proclaimed “Harriet on the Issues” section of her website.

As mentioned, if she can clarify her positions, she might earn my vote. If she cannot, she needs to uphold the ‘Wyoming way’ of decency and character to step off her high horse, stop riding and let a better qualified person handle the reins.



Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)

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