Harassment on the Hucknall Line — An unacceptable ‘Trumpian normal’ in Nottingham?

The afternoon tram commute on Monday the 8th of November was likely to be another normal one for many. I am disturbed if this was the case. I’m unsure which part of this was the most unsettling for me: the lad harassing the young girl, his mates who didn’t stop him, the dozen or so people likewise pretending they didn’t hear the lad’s rude comments, or that the girl, herself, has been indoctrinated into a culture where she stood silent in fear of retribution for speaking up.



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Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)

Neuroscientist, chronic pain specialist, mental/physical resiliency training professional, ultramarathoner & triathlete, philosopher, theosopher and chocoholic.