First the putative joke seen by many around the world lately:

Found widely on every social media platform — for good reason?

Now the serious questions…

I posted this on Instagram recently, as have many people, because this is quite funny on some levels. I lived in Canada for 7 years and have many close friends in the country who have confirmed that the sentiment of the joke is all too real, though.

I also posted the following to contextualize my thoughts on the topic:

(This is) not far from accurate: a drug (power) crazed addict terrorizing the weak (occupants of the house) into a (false) victimhood where no one says…

The author: Needing to be fully present as my face was precariously close to the rocks and this was an active track of the local railroad… Oh, and you can’t be balanced if you’re not fully present.

HONEST ADMISSION: I’m feeling TORN today. My birthday was yesterday and today my post-birthday morning has ushered in feelings from both sides of the spectrum.

What am I feeling?

On the positive side: blessed. Not in an ephemeral, intangible, religious sort of way but a grounded, SOLID, real sort. Driven absolutely by the outpouring of well wishes I received to celebrate the chance I was given to enter into this world to make whatever positive difference I could. YOU, my peeps, have made me, ME.

UBUNTU — I am because we are. My entire life of wild success and happiness…

Absolutely nothing personal, yet voting is intensely personal.

You’ve proven yourself in the past of being a successful scientist. From what I’ve watched from your video, you’re proving yourself to be a politician.

And that is why I’d not vote for you.

I hope the wider audience beyond the wickedly cool folks of the area will read this, and in as objective of a manner as possible. Yet, as I believe your video shows, much of politics and voting is (unfortunately) driven by raw and irrational emotion (as the 2016 election cycle proved yet again…).

Similar to many people who…

“Everything rises and falls with leadership…” is part of a relatively familiar quote by John Maxwell, a leader who I respect, in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

Because this quip is so powerful as it stands, this is where most people stop, failing to read the next part of the quote:

“… but knowing how to lead is only half the battle.”

Thankfully Maxwell clarifies and qualifies the quote because we should all have serious problems with the abbreviated version. …

As you read this, you might easily see how we struggled to capture the essence of this refection in the title. Some options we discussed were:

The Name Game

Rebranding our life — together, as a couple

A surname to reflect the love behind the marriage

We said ‘yes’… to a new surname!


Our nontraditional matrimonial moniker

Read on to see how my wife and I dedicated a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out what to call ourselves since our wedding last year. What we settled on is, like us, is a combination that better captures what each individually didn’t.

We hope you enjoy this as much as you might learn something about yourself.

What’s in a name?

Depends on how you look at it.

Most children get in trouble for calling each…

Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

The following thoughts might offend you just as they might encourage you. Unfortunately, Medium, the lovely source of this writing, has fallen prey to the toxin just as most of the world.

Importantly, I don’t care if my thoughts offend you or Medium. Not because I don’t care about you all, because I do. I care enough to hopefully help you see that I can respect you as a person — every person should be — but this doesn’t mean I, or others, need to be subjected to your ‘opinions’ just because you have them.

I’ll hopefully help enlighten us…

Care of the WB TV Network via the web…

Please read this…it might save your life or someone you know.

No disrespect to Supernatural, the iconic ‘demon-hunting’ show that my wife has recently gotten me hooked on, but I have a few major gripes with writers and some messages of the stories they convey. Especially because the major focus of my professional life has to do with cultivating mental and physical resiliency…and the show may compromise my success to the detriment of others who desperately need help.

My complaints have absolutely nothing to do with actors and actresses as they always seemed to slip in and out of the…

The ongoing love affair I have with mindfully washing dishes has not always been the way it was now. Matter of fact, it used to kill my soul — daily. Until I discovered something profound that might help change YOUR life.

Photo: Miss Pupik (

Manhandling inanimate objects in an angry man attempt to handle the animated, but uncontrolled, parts of my life.

Broken glass justified, lamely, as a natural extension of broken promises. Grateful in a pathological and wasteful way to throw them out when they can no longer serve their purpose because I can’t as easily throw out those who’ve promised me one thing only to turn their back on me… It’s as if they’ve filled the basin of my…

Photo by the author’s wife. One of the THOUSANDS of mochas, hot chocolates and other chocolate-based drinks we’ve shared along the way…

My plane touched down in the U.K. at Manchester airport 777 days ago yesterday. Back on terra firma, only part of me felt really grounded. I had some ideas of how good this might be, for many seemingly solid reasons, yet many things I’d planned in the past didn’t quite turn out the way I’d expected — let alone hoped for. This could be different…or not. I had no idea.

That’s why I bought a one-way ticket for my trip.

I wanted the flexibility to stay longer if it went well…or to leave asap if it didn’t.

What I discovered…

The author at mile 20 of his first 100-mile run: The Pine Creek Challenge trail run.

I’m a runner.

Always have been.

I’ve been moving at various speeds since I was able keep myself upright long enough to call what I was doing ‘walking.’ When that speed exceeded what my parents could match, I was running!

Moving myself forward is not just in my blood, it’s in my soul.

I crave it and I suffer physically and emotionally when I can’t.

My lungs cry out for oxygen to remind them of the deep connection I have with the universe: without that life-sustaining gas, formed in the bellies of stars and transported here over billions of years…

Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil)

Neuroscientist, chronic pain specialist, mental/physical resiliency training professional, ultramarathoner & triathlete, philosopher, theosopher and chocoholic.

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